Gina and Andy:

Our wedding was August 6th, we started planning it in May so we didn’t have much time. They fit us in their schedule and did an absolutely amazing job. It was a 90 degree day and humid but the flowers still looked fresh and perfect! Everyone raved about our bouquets and centerpieces. I highly recommend the Rosery.


Nick and Nikki:

Erin at The Rosery made everything so perfect for our wedding, we traveled 5 hours from here to Cape Cod for our wedding, not only was she up super early friday morning to give us our arrangements, but she helped pack everything up nice and snug for the long trip and advised how to keep them safe and beautiful for the next 36 hours till the ceremony, everything was perfect, could not have been any easier considering the circumstances. She also makes us beautiful arrangements for Valentines day every year!


Elyse and Chris:

Our wedding flowers took my breath away! I provided Erin and Winnie with some pictures of the flowers I liked, and I had ideas in my head, but the flowers they put together for our wedding day surpassed my imagination! They were more beautiful than I could have dreamed! Thank you so much for being easy to work with, accommodating with the rain delay, and for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements I’ve ever seen! They were simply perfect 🙂


Myrna and Maurice:

To say we were satisfied with The Rosery’s work is an understatement, we were truly blown away with the result we received for our Ukrainian-Jamaican wedding. We had one meeting with Winnie during which we provided the vision of our special day in writing with some images. The proposal was sent within a couple of days. It was very transparent and detailed with pictures of all items.

We chose White Phalaenopsis Orchid as our main flower. Rosary made a tremendous research and got us the best orchids I ever seen. They were huge! Some of our guests were not sure if the flowers were real. The bride bouquet was gorgeous cascade shape type. In addition to white orchid we ordered Purple Phalaenopsis for the bridal party. Unfortunately, this flower was stuck in the airport for too long and was delivered in bad condition. But within two days the Rosery got us fresh replacements! Also one day prior to the wedding I order another bouquet with purple orchids, which wasn’t listed on the contract. I still don’t know how they got that bouquet done!

The most intriguing and the most challenging was my desire to create traditional Ukrainian wreaths with real flowers for my bridesmaids. At our meeting I showed the image of one of the most elaborate wreaths. I was told that it would be quite unlikely to recreate something like that. I muted my expectation. I muted it just in order to be totally surprised! On the day of the wedding when the flower delivery arrived together with the owner of the shop I couldn’t believe my eyes! I, being Ukrainian, was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty and the quality of the work. The owner of the shop made those wreaths by herself for the first time in her life! My bridesmaids were so proud to wear those works of art. In addition to the wreaths my bridesmaids had wrist corsages, which were in complete harmony with their hair décor.


Lianna and Michael:

I absolutely recommend The Rosery for your “Big Day/Event”! I worked with Winnie and she was fantastic, she has gentle way about her, but still provides excellent recommendations and support. She will work with your vision, and will give suggestions (she was a natural at “following” my train of thought)! Erin was also one of the few florists/owners that seemed to respect my desire to “budget” and “spend responsibly”, and did NOT “shut me down” as some Florists do. In the end I was over budget–because I was just so happy with the service that I couldn’t help but add a few items here and there as I went along. The flower/pricing program they use is very detailed and gives a bride-to-be a fantastic idea of what florals may/will look like! They also acknowledged the flowers I was looking for and worked with me–but also gave suggestions for fresher/less expensive, in-season options that I ended up being very happy with. (Example: I really wanted lavender included in many aspects of my wedding, but it was possible that it would only be available dry, so Erin and Winnie provided another flower “look-a-like” that ended up being a fantastic “replacement” for lavender in many instances.

They were SUPER receptive to my pinterest image collection, and really followed my favorites there–and were very open and attentive, when I adjusted the colors a few times.

My only suggestion is to make sure that you have an appointment for the first time you would like to meet with Erin and her crew. As the first time I “dropped” by unplanned, I quickly turned around and left, as it was a busy point in the day. But this was by far the best experience of ALL of my wedding planning components at a distance (and it was also one of the services that I was “settled” with early on. Everything was efficient and knowledgeably handled and creatively worked…to lead to a fantastic, gorgeous (and still reasonable) wedding day for my husband and I!